Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

Harmonise Corporate and Schools

Welcome to Harmonise Your Heart. My name is Denise Davis and I offer services for the both the corporate client and schools (pupils & staff) with the aim of improving staff welfare and development, which in turn reduces employee turnover and leads to enhanced productivity as people become calm and in control. Where a company invests in the well-being of their staff, their employees are able to perform their duties with more ease and meet demanding deadlines. This often leads to improved job satisfaction, increased efficiency and well-being. Companies who ensure their staff feel valued reduced turnover and retain talented team members which enables your business to thrive!

The  ethos behind Harmonise Your Heart is to enlighten and empower people by giving them tools to control their emotions and feelings, improve literacy and numeracy skills as well as relaxation techniques and I offer regular and bespoke workshops to facilitate this – please click these links to corporate or schools services. Worldwide scientific research shows that when adults & children are able to reduce stress, through relaxation and management of their emotions, their behaviour improves and their performance is enhanced. I also offer workshops as Creative Calm giving workshops that include coaching, movement. art and sound.

Before qualifying as a Well-Being Coach I ran my own business whilst in the Middle East (Doha, Qatar) running a small independent school for multi-national students. On returning to the UK in 1984 I gained employment as a Primary School Teacher and also worked within the family business (Quantity Surveying & House Building). I then changed career and combined Teaching with Well-Being Coaching. In March 2007 I gave up Teaching in schools to concentrate on Private Tutoring and Well-being Coaching full-time. For more information about me click here.

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“Feeling Great, Working Well!”

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