Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

Harmonise Your Heart can help you achieve the personal changes that you want

and transform your life, permanently.

Do You Want…

  • To take more control of your life?
  • To overcome the barriers to your success and happiness?
  • To uncover your true potential & personal path success?
  • To have optimal health and energy?
  • To create irresistible and fulfilling goals?


Harmony for Adults

Deep within you are feelings, beliefs, conflicts, habits and patterns that are blocking your progress. Working with Calm Minds, using the tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energetic NLP (ENLP), Time Line Therapy, EFT, Future Life Progression & Past Life Regression, Accelerated Learning Techniques (including dyslexia help) , IMAGO dialogue technique plus Journeywork I can help you overcome your barriers and become calm. During tailored session for you I may include Healing to further your spiritual growth and rebalance your body which will be one or a combination of the following: Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection, Gong Baths (sound therapy), Reiki, Relaxation Techniques, Master Energy Colour Therapy, Intuitive Card Readings and Psychic Healing.

Now I know that you may be wondering how I can help you, and I get the feeling you will be interested to hear what I have to say and you will see how it all makes sense…

The 21st Century Lifestyle

We all lead very busy lives, often with conflicts competing for our time: being a spouse, parent, worker, friend, keeping fit and leisure activities. Sometimes these hectic times can lead to an overload where relaxation is often forfeited, resulting in stress which manifests in many different ways. The consequences could be not feeling our usual ‘selves’, often worrying about things that are happening at home, at work or even things that may occur in the future…

Common Causes

Relationships, work appraisals, exams, weight, appearance, social performance, health issues, bullying, violence, divorce, communication difficulties, public speaking, sports performance, financial pressures, poor spelling, reading & writing and more …

Common Symptoms

Lack of confidence, insomnia, sadness, allergies, aches and pains, withdrawal, guilt, fears, depression, anxiety, phobias, lack of concentration, frustration, resentment, aggression,  anger, hurt, smoking, addictions, procrastination, competitiveness, and more …

How Can I Help?

Stress Resilience Coaching is an excellent way at enabling the body and mind to rebalance itself and cope with stressful issues, whether they are physical or emotional. The benefits of reducing stress means that it isn’t held within the body to cause disease, that can lead to long term ill health or mental anxiety. The coaching & healing techniques I use empower you to reframe your problems, seeing them in a different way. This gives you more control over your thoughts and feelings so you become calm, hearing yourself being more positive and seeing things in a different perspective – changing to a more positive outlook with more calm and confidence.

As well as one to one sessions in person, via skype or phone I do full day breakthrough days where we can cover much more in-depth work quickly for those who prefer to work more quickly.

I also run group Self Development sessions which give an insight of ways to improve your life, either a taster of the coaching & healing or to enhance your intuition (held at my practice but also organisations, the workplace and private functions). I also run group Gong Baths and Sound Journeys which are another a great way to relax and rebalance your mind, body and soul plus group Spiritual Development sessions for beginners are also available.

There are many ways I can work with you to fit into lifestyle either through one-to-one coaching or through workshops or trainings.

Imagine a time when you have learnt to overcome any difficulties and become calm and confident, wouldn’t that be great?>

If there are any questions you would like to ask ring me, won’t you, now!

“A Positive Mind creates a Positive Life!”

Get in touch for further information and dates, the sooner the better!


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