Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

One-to-One Well-Being Coaching

Initially you and your child will come for a free face to face consultation to enable you to have an understanding of the process and for your child to feel comfortable in the surroundings. We can then move forward together with confidence towards your child feeling calm and in control of their emotions.


Harmony for Kids One-to-One Coaching Therapy for kidsHarmony for Kids first well-being coaching session will be a discovery of your child’s perspective of their problem, using a gentle approach so that they are happy at disclosing their concerns. There are various ways I can encourage them to express their feelings should they find this difficult – they can use a surrogate bear, make a ‘mood map’ or draw a picture…  Techniques  will be chosen that are appropriate to your child so they can make the changes to their ‘thoughts & behaviours’ resulting in them feeling calm and in control. During and at the end of a session I offer your child drinks of water as this helps clear toxins from their body, grounds and re-hydrates them – eliminating toxins from their body and further facilitating the body’s own rejuvenating abilities.

Interacting and listening to your child and allowing them to express themselves when they feel safe to do so is a very important part of the session. Your child will need to have freedom of speech without being concerned about your feelings, and for this reason you will be asked to remain in the adjoining room. Well-Being techniques I may use to help your child are:

One-to-One Private Tutoring

Harmony for Kids focuses on what people can do, their exceptional skills, opposed to deficits and use a positive coaching approach to transform their confusion into successes, which are built upon in the follow up sessions. Harmony for Kids offers fast ways to accelerate learning focussing mainly on literacy and numeracy, as well as helping with many learning difficulties, including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dygraphia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Asperger’s, Tourette’s and Autism.

The skills of successful learning are taught as a series of easy, simple, logical steps which build on each other to enable success. Your child will discover talents they didn’t know they had and use them  for spelling, reading, maths, concentration…  (there are usually untapped, unrecognised or uncontrolled gifts your child can  bring to the world). Your child will move from being discouraged, frustrated and angry to having a positive mental and emotional state which makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn. Young children learn naturally using their excellent visual skills and keeping their visual pictures under control is key, the simple processes improve short term memory as well as concentration.

I encourage your child to get a clear idea about what would be better if they learnt to spell well as well as improve their numeracy skills and to visually compare this picture to one of them remaining as they are now because their motivation to change is very important. I ask your child what is stopping them from making changes – is it family, friends,teachers or  their own belief that they ‘can’t do it’. To increase confidence I ask what your child is good at and use this as a platform to start from. I also use other accelerated learning techniques which improve your child’s control of their emotions, increase their self esteem as well as learn more quickly.

Some children are fantastic at visualising pictures and videos. The human brain can do both, although, in rare cases, traumas may have shut these pictures away. I teach grounding to your child at the beginning of a learning session  because this connects them to the earth and helps free them from negativity as well as having a greater control over their visual pictures. An essential skill for literacy is to visualise words which is a simple process because to begin with you place the words in the pictures. It is the same for numeracy to be able to visualise the numbers and we move onto this once words have been mastered – I show your child how to use number triangles which are particularly useful for multiplication and division. For reading we find the place position to hold the book to help recall the information and for writing copying from the board without looking at the paper is an important skill to learn to improve writing.

It takes 30 days to really master a new habit and for some people it may be a lot less. Just 10 mins practice once a day will work and make practice as much fun as possible. If your child has any negative emotions come up they can just send them off in a rocket or to the lake  or do some tapping whilst anchoring their new confidence . So remember Practice, Practice Practice until they have learnt the new skill and
encourage them to use the skills in their everyday lives wherever possible.

Group Sessions for Children

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