Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

Harmony for Kids

Empower your children to make a difference in their lives, to help them become well balanced and confident, because today’s children are tomorrow’s future and as such deserve to be revered.

You are now going to discover ways in which I can help your children become enlightened and empowered, to feel calm and in control, hear things in a more positive light, with a vision of a better future.

Through life children encounter many issues that hinder them one way or another; traumas, emotional problems, under-performing at school, unwanted habits and fears. I believe there is always a reason behind a child’s behaviour, and with my techniques I help them to have more control over their negative emotions and physical pain to become calm.

Now I know that you may be wondering how I can help your children, and I get the feeling you will be interested to hear what I have to say, you will see how it all makes sense….

I offer a free 20 minute face-to-face consultation in my practice to discuss one-to-one therapy coaching.  Bring your child to my practice so you can both meet me and see the room where we will be working together. This enables you, the carer, to gain an understanding of the process and empowers your child to feel comfortable and calm in the surroundings.  We can move forward together with confidence towards your child feeling calm and in control of their feelings.

21st Century Child

We all lead very busy lives, including our children who spend a whole day at school and often engage in extra-curricular activities in the evenings and at weekends too. Sometimes these hectic times can lead to an overload, resulting in stress which manifests in many different ways. The consequences could be children not being their usual or best ‘selves’. To add to this, children quite often worry about things that are happening at home or at school or even things that may occur in the future.

Common causes

Exams, divorce,  nightmares, weight, appearance, sports performance, peer pressure, bullying, stranger danger, family relationships, violence, death, poor literacy & numeracy skills plus I’m sure you could add more…

Common symptoms

Sadness, withdrawal, depression, dyslexia, rebellion, lack of concentration, frustration, resentment, guilt, fear, being disruptive, phobias, angry, hurt, allergies, aches and pains, lack of confidence, insomnia, bedwetting, sibling rivalry, nail biting and more …

How Can I Help?

Did you know that stress and negative emotions can be held in the body causing dis-ease, potentially leading to health problems or mental anxiety. The well-being techniques I use to coach and heal your child empowers them to see their problems in a different way, gaining greater control over their thoughts and feelings. I also teach your child simple techniques they can use themselves when they face difficult situations in their daily life, helping them to become more confident and calm.

There are many ways I can use my techniques add link to work with your child on an individual or group basis.

  • Visit the Well-Being Coaching and Private Tutoring page for information on how I can help your child on a one to one basis to empower them to gain control of their emotions and lead a more fulfilling life.
  • Look at the Playshops page to read how your child can learn more about themselves and discover their abilities in a group setting. (Self Development sessions are held at my practice but are suitable for other venues such as schools and youth clubs etc.)
  • email or telephone to enquire about private tuition in english, maths or verbal reasoning which I offer to small groups or on an one to one basis.

Imagine a time when your child has learnt to overcome any difficulties and has become calm and confident, wouldn’t that be great or should we say “isn’t that great” implying that it has already happened! If there are any questions you would like to ask please ring me, won’t you!

I have CRB clearance (police checked) and have public liability insurance. I am registered with the following professional bodies:

  • GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register)
  • NCP (National Council of Psychotherapy)
  • Meridian Therapy Register
  • PSHE Association
  • IAHL (international association of Health & Learning)

I am also listed on the official Reconnective Healing website www.TheReconnection.com

“Keep well and be happy”


Get in Touch for further information and dates, the sooner the better!

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