Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

“I wanted Denise to help me clear blocks towards manifesting a romantic relationship in my life and she suggested doing a past life regression therapy on this issue. I became deeply fascinated when I was taken on a journey into a past life where I found myself as a beautiful young bride about to marry a handsome man in a highly decorative cathedral. There were hundreds of people present at the ceremony and it was a very special and seemingly important occasion.


After the ceremony I knocked on the door of my new home – the home of my husband’s family – a huge mansion in the county – and instead of my lovely husband greeting me at the door, a somber looking butler opened the door and as I stepped into this new house I realized that my wonderful dreams of marrying this man had been shattered – it was simply a marriage of convenience, I would hardly ever see the man I loved and I would be trapped in this country house for the rest of my days like a prisoner with no-one around me who really cared about me. A very lonely life awaited me and I was sad and felt I had wasted me life and felt like a complete fool for being enticed into this situation.


The insight into this past life really helped me realize where my fear of committing to a man in marriage was coming from and I believe that since this therapy my attitude to my attracting a good relationship has shifted quite substantially.” Sally, Accounts Manager



“Hi Denise, Thank you for a lovely experience last night. I will remember the meditation and feeling of peace I experienced for the rest of my life. So different to anything I have ever experienced before. I will let you know about joining your monthly group sessions. I have put the date in my diary and will let you know nearer the time. Best wishes x” Chris Taylor


“Thank you very much for teaching us EFT you did a wonderful job for us. You are an angel on the earth – God Bless you.” Shah & Zara, St Albans


“When Denise took me on the emotional Journey (Brandon Bays)I really did not know what to expect and was open to anything but what I did not expect was having to deal with stuff that I had buried a long time ago. What I thought had been a very insignificant event in my life which I had written off and buried deep within my body turned out to be a very powerful happening that had produced knock on effects my whole life since. Denise was very patient and non judgmental and helped me through my emotional journey with great compassion and deep respect for what I was experiencing. I felt an actual physical release in my body when the core emotion was dealt with – like something physical was released outwards from my belly – it was very powerful.” SM, St Albans



“Many thanks for last night (gong bath). It reminded me of times that I was in perfect vibration, times that I now know I need to return to. Oh I feel amazing! And am glad that the gong bath gave me great clearing, it needed to come out. I have a client Sunday nights but would love to come when I can. Many thanks again xx” Christopher M


“Since having therapy with Denise I have made dramatic and positive changes in my life. I am fitter, happier and about to travel the world and realise my dreams. Denise has helped inspire and motivate me!” Katie Rowe, Human Resources Manager


“It was refreshing to have you work on me and not feel pressured into having further treatment unless I felt I needed it – a sign of a true professional in my eyes as other therapists I’ve tried before got a lot of money out of me and I didn’t seem to feel any benefit from them whereas after just one session from you seemed to make a lot of difference. I have a lot of work and personal commitments coming up but will certainly come back to see you again and I will certainly consider coming to your self development sessions as well in the future. Keep up the good work.” S Crawford

“If you visited Peterborough Cathedral last Saturday (30/10/10) and made your way to the new build (that’s the bit right at the far end that was built in the time of Henry VIII) you would have been greeted by sounds that were most unusual and distinctly different from the usual Choral music heard in this beautiful space The reason for the change of tone was Jane a Sound Therapy practitioner, who was holding a Greeniveristy class explaining and demonstrating the remarkable benefits of this practice.


Jane and two friends (Creative Calm) had seven enormous gongs on display and countless other instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, rattles and drums to name but a few. The idea of Sound Therapy is to improve a person’s life by enhancing the ability to cope in this busy world of demands and challenges. Sound elicits deep subconscious responses within us on a soul level. By using therapeutic techniques involving sound, we can learn to get in touch with the deepest, most profound parts of ourselves in order to bring about positive change and transformation in all aspects of our lives.


The sound that was produced and projected was magnificent to say the least. The acoustics of the Cathedral enhanced the music and gave the whole session a magical quality that was quite a privilege to be part of and left everyone who attended in a state of joyful peace and tranquillity. Thirty people attended making this one of the most popular Greeniveristy classes yet! Absolutely fantastic class, the sound bath with the gongs surpassed expectation – thank you. Karen Lawrence

“Last night I went to a gong bath at Denise’s home with a great group of people. The experience was quite awesome as it triggered energy shifts within my body and I tapped into my subconscious which manifested as lots of pictures in my mind’s eye and it felt like I was witnessing history from the beginning of time itself! It was absolutely fascinating to “watch” this movie whilst experiencing the essence of the sound waves through my body and when talking to other group members after the gong bath it appeared we all had different experiences but there were also some similarities such as seeing bursts of colours. I slept like a baby that night and woke up the next morning feeling very nurtured and loved. I had loads of energy, clarity and enthusiasm and got on with the days tasks really well. I really enjoyed the gong bath so Thank you Gong Master! Love Sal X


“Thank you for Reiki, All through the night while asleep, lots of things seemed to be going through my mind, but it all seemed positive and I felt really refreshed when I woke up. I definitely think I am on the right track. The Reiki really helped me to recover some of my energy levels (sufferer of chronic fatigue).” Kim, Luton


“What a lovely evening, thanks to both of you and all your hard work to make it so (Creative Calm). A fantastic healing energy – your Gong Bath really is a bath – just like being in the curve of a wave, like surfers! You transformed the hall and achieved just the right chill out feeling, blending both your energies superbly, well done! Can’t wait to come again!” Val Forbes-Mitchell 

“Thanks to Denise Davis for the gong bath this evening – my first one. She played so many different tones and sounds on the two gongs she had for forty five minutes. Our circle of friends received some wonderful sound healing!” Sejual, Stress Resolution Specialist


“I slept soundly for the first time in ages… thanks the Energetic NLP session was great. I can’t wait to use it at home!” Karen B, Luton


“Just to let you know that there is very good progress at the moment. When I was out digging in the garden and because I was so relaxed I hadn’t noticed the spiders around me and later on in the house I managed to pick a spider up and put it outside (my dad was so surprised and very proud as I usually scream when I see one). Thanks for everything Denise. Carole J (hypnotherapy for spider phobia)

“I found using EFT helped me to feel relaxed and in control by relieving my tension. It is a great tool that one can use anywhere and so simple to do…. “ Carl Smith, Markyate


“Thank you Denise for your helping me to discover the root of my problem. I feel so much happier and positive about my life and have made some big decisions to improve it even further.” Isabel, Watford


“I really appreciated your faith in my abilities and as you told me I did pass my exam and am feeling so happy and relieved. I also used EFT to help with my weight and lost half a stone in two weeks which was an added bonus. Thank you so much.” SW, Luton

“Thanks very much for the gong bath last night. I would love to have another go but weekends are not good for me. I’ll try and make it along to one soon. Take care and hope to see you soon X.” Sharon R


“I can really feel the difference to my back. Finally the pain has gone, comfort at last – thanks so much.” SB, Harpenden, Reflexologist


“Hi Denise, Thanks for a lovely Gong evening last night. I’m feeling good for it and fortunately not been feeling sensitive. See you soon” SS Harpenden

 Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

“Loved the Gong session last week. Unfortunately I’ll be in Cambodia on the 12th but will want to come to the next one. Xx” Heena


“Initially I felt quite upset when we were doing the group work as something was triggered in me. However once we began working on the issue using EFT I became more relaxed and calm.” Liz H


“I feel much happier and I’m now able to see spiders without going into a state of sheer panic… “(EFT for phobia) E Dunn, Art Therapist

 Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

“Many thanks for the gong evening. It was great – completely zonked the next day” Lindy Fox, Redbourn


“Hi Denise Thank you very much for last night’s gong bath it was very interesting. I must admit to feeling a little sensitive this morning so I am glad you mentioned it in you mail. Hope to see you soon and lots of love, XXX” Margaret H


“Thanks for helping me improve my public speaking skills and overcome my exam nerves” Mark, Advertising Manager

 Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

“Now the anger and sadness has been released I feel calmer and more in control of my life.” ML, Health Care Worker


“The best thing about EFT is that it has given me a tool to use for the rest of my life drawing on it when I ever need it.” S Webb


“Thanks so much for helping me get over my presentation nerves…… the grades I got were better than I expected” KH, Teacher, St Albans

 Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

“I love using ‘pattie’ bear…. I use it when I’ve had bad dreams and am scared then he makes me feel better.” Debbie, Leighton Buzzard


“Wow, my foot felt much better after you did reiki on it… I liked how warm your hands were.”Billy, Luton


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