Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

One-to-one Well-Being Coaching


Harmonise Your Heart  One-to-One Coaching Therapies for AdultsThe first session consists of a discussion to find out your perspective of the problem and for you to learn a technique so that you feel empowered to deal with problems that may arise between sessions it may also include some healing *. Listening and patience are important aspects of therapy so we will work at a pace that suits you as an individual, bearing in mind that the techniques are quick and simple.

Each session is of one hour duration unless requested otherwise ( three hour sessions are also available as well as a full day). All sessions can be conducted in person or remotely via Skype or telephone.

The subsequent sessions will be an eclectic mix of techniques which will be suitable to empower you to make the necessary changes to your ‘thoughts and behaviours’, resulting in a calm mind and body, having regained control of your emotions. Tools & Techniques I use are:

Another alternative is to attend a Breakthrough day – where we will work on a specific area of your life (you feel has barriers blocking your potential) and instead of hourly sessions we work for a whole day.

Breakthrough Day – I will ask you which specific area of your life you would like to work on eg work/career, family, spirituality, relationships etc and we will eliminate the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are blocking your progression in this life segment to enable you to move forward with greater clarity and self belief over a circa 6+ hours coaching session.

There are other ways in which I can help enlighten & empower you.  Please look at my Workshops & Training page for Group Sessions.

* Healing

You can lie fully clothed on the healing couch or sit on a chair, close your eyes and  just relax. It is important that you a set an intention as to what you want to receive but also be open minded as this helps the healing. I facilitate a healing using Universal energy and transmit this to you through my hands, voice or instrument. This energy helps your body to heal and re-balance itself. At the end of the session you are offered a drink of water as this helps to ground you, release any toxins and facilitate further healing plus time so that you can tell me what you experienced.


Live optimally with a brighter future”


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