Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

Schools Services from Harmonise Your HeartThe challenge for school staff to provide tools and learning to enhance pupil’s emotional health and well-being can be met by Calm Kids introducing EFT, NLP, ENLP and Sound into your school. Emotional Freedom Techniques, ENLP and Sound fit the SEAL & PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Emotional) well-being needs of pupils within the education and private sector. If we resolve childhood issues in the early stages they don’t linger which may cause ill-health later on in life. As our children are the future of our world don’t they deserve to be revered and cared for to the best of our ability?

Working with Calm Kids at School

Calm Kids can help your school actively enhance the well being of your children through a choice of one off or regular in school and after school workshops with teachers/pupils and/or parents. EFT, ENLP & Sound workshops have become very popular especially at KS1 and KS2 not just in the UK but also around the world.  Calm Kids workshops are tailored to train staff in ways to accelerate childrens learning with ‘Learn with Ease’  workshops which uses a variety of techniques & strategies to heighten children’s awareness, creating energised, alert, calm and confident states, centre children in the present to reduce fidgeting & daydreaming, improve recall for tests & exams including spellings.  Staff are an important asset to any school and so Calm Kids will show them ways to aid their emotional well-being so they can manage their emotions and deliver even better lessons for their pupils, feeling greater job satisfaction. This in turn will reduce staff illness and turnover.

Calm Kids takes referral from Headteachers/Year Heads/SENCO/SEAL & PSHE Co-ordinators for one-to-one sessions with individuals who would benefit from closer attention. Sessions can be held on school premises for schools workshops and pupil sessions and at my practice for individual sessions for adults. Calm Kids, although based in Luton, Bedfordshire, works within the three counties region of Herts, Beds and Bucks offering support for schools, colleges, youth organisations, charities, parent groups, families, children’s hospitals & hospices plus individuals (including staff) by arrangement.

I have CRB clearance, qualified teacher status, and am registered with professional bodies. I carry out private tuition alone or in conjunction with Well-Being Coaching for primary school children in my practice.

Why EFT, NLP, Energetic NLP & Sound are great for Children

Every Child does Matter because they are the future carers of our world and so we need to enlighten them in ways to be the best they can and celebrate their uniqueness. I feel that these techniques should be incorporated into the education system as part of teacher training which will ensure that all children have coping strategies to help them control their emotions and thoughts.

EFT can be used for just about any emotional problem you can think of for both adults and children. EFT is a simple empowering tool by using a gentle finger tapping on the meridians of the face and chest to help children with emotional issues and it has been used with children for everything from anger, trauma, bedwetting, fears and phobias, behavioural problems, nail biting, nightmares, results of bullying, lack of confidence, learning enhancement and pain management (many of these issues are the same as those of adults). EFT is fun and easy to learn and can be used anywhere.

NLP  for children to discover children’s preferred learning styles, celebrates their ‘sunbeams’ and reframes their ‘raindrops’ , allows children to show how they do things so they can model the successful strategies. The use of brain gym to ensure both right and left brain are engaged plus to calm and energise  to aid concentration. Access appropriate states to help learn easily such as confidence, calm, motivation and success. Create learning goals and put these into their future (Time Line Therapy).

Energetic NLP is a series of visualisation processes for those who prefer to form pictures in their mind instead of tapping. ENLP is also simple and empowering and can be used anywhere – it help with issues of releasing uncomfortable feelings, fears and limiting beliefs and energises so that children become calm, in control and more confident.

FUTURE LIFE PROGRESSION is a wonderful technique where children get into a relaxed state and journey either to the future in this lifetime or another possible future lifetime and bring back knowledge and skills which enables them to improve their esteem knowing that all is well.

Sound is a perfect way to attain relaxation, nothing to do — no tapping or visualisation. Sound releases stress and worries on a cellular level and is therefore excellent for the children who may not want to consciously work on their issues. Children learn vocal toning to release blocks in their body’s energy centres and mantras to create different states.



Learning Skills  – Bespoke Workshops & Evening talks

created to suit your needs… just tell me what you want.

Learn with Ease (accelerate class learning)

for Teachers/Teaching Assistants – learn ways to accelerate pupils learning by ensuring that they are in a good state of mind and body. Strategies to improve spellings and exam recall.  Peer massage/healing and the use of tools & techniques to alleviate emotional distress  including the importance of ‘forgiveness’. Teach the children to use mind maps and thinking hats to improve thought and planning processes

For Parents/Carers ‘Support Your Kids’ evening or weekend workshop using the above strategies and showing how these can be used at home to help their kids.

Calm & Controlled (improve lesson delivery)

for Teachers/Assistant – learn how to be in an appropriate state for teaching. To deliver information using all the senses and use different places in the room when delivering different types of messages or activities. Clarity of the outcomes for the lesson and know when these have been achieved. Use hand signals to accompany instructions leading to improved classroom control and understand that there is a positive intention for every behaviour (separate the behaviour from the child.  Learn further ways to help children reframe their negative thoughts and behaviours – utilise skills transference. The use Mind maps and Thinking Hats to improve thoughts and planning for yourself and the children. Know your own values and use circle time for children to share their values and identity. Ensure children share their successful strategies so that others can model them.

Capable Communication (improve communication with parents and colleagues)

for Teachers – learn about communication processes and how to create rapport by using body language, voice and language, so that you can pace and lead parents to your desired outcome. It will help you to understand and deal with difficult people in all walks of life and you can then reframe others perspectives. Why positive thinking and using intention is an important aspect to attract your outcomes.

PSHE Sessions

for Pupils on curriculum topics.

Introduction to EFT

for Staff and/or Parents – learn how to improve and control your emotions with tapping to ensure you are feeling good.

Introduction to Energetic NLP

For Staff  and/or Parents – learn ways to energise yourself, centre yourself relieving distracting thoughts and release limiting beliefs.

Introduction to Super Spellers the Visual Learning Technique

for Staff and/or Parents – effective way to improve spellings results and recall especially important for exams.

Tapping with Pat & Pattie Bear

Introducing children to EFT tapping using Teddy Bears.

‘Being the Best Me’

Introductory workshops helping children deal with their feelings (Journeywork, ENLP & EFT).

‘I Can Do It’

For primary children teaching them tools to enhance their learning, concentration and confidence (using EFT, NLP techniques and Super Spellers and Sound).

‘I Am Cool’

For teenagers teaching them tools to learn to manage emotions & well-being (EFT, NLP, Sound & Relaxation techniques).

Happy Tappy Families

Introducing EFT & Energetic NLP to families for calm, confident and cool communication. Evening or Weekend workshop tapping on family issues.

Easy Emotions with EFT & ENLP

Weekend or Evening Talk – everyone deserves to be able to manage their emotions effectively.

0 – 5 Early years

EFT, NLP and Sound comply with aspects of SEAL & PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Emotional) wellbeing needs of pupils within the education and private sector.

Children learn a Tapping Tune which is a fun introduction to the tapping points and some of the ideas behind EFT which helps them manage their feelings. The song introduces children and young people of all ages to the idea of tapping on energy points to help with a variety of issues. As a group they learn the song, so whilst having fun singing (which is an easy way for them to learn), they are integrating the tapping points which encourages them to use EFT more easily & regularly. ENLP is visualisations which they can also use to manage their emotions if they are more of a visual child than auditory. Both methods are simple and easy to learn. Pat & Pattie Bear are usually welcome visitors in the early years setting & in homes. They are especially helpful for the children who don’t wish to express their feelings out loud but find it acceptable if Pat or Pattie do it for them. Children often decide to ‘decorate’ their bears with magic buttons (or stickers) placed on the tapping points. Children love the empowering feeling of being able to independently help themselves feel differently about their troubles and concerns. They also love teaching it to others (family and friends) so they can also benefit. When their parent/carers use it with them on a regular basis it creates a wonderful bonding especially at bed time.

5 – 11 years KS1 & KS 2

EFT, NLP and Sound fit the SEAL & PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Emotional) wellbeing needs of pupils within the education and private sector.

Children are taught the tools of EFT & ENLP in the classroom and then we use them together according to topic or theme of the curriculum requirement for the session. Often other issues arise and we also work on these time permitting.

12-18 High school and College

Adolescents are using EFT & ENLP techniques with great and lasting results on issues relating to the past, present and their concerns of the future. EFT & ENLP tools are shared in a group or individual setting either at school/college or my practice in Luton leaving them feeling empowered knowing that they can manage their ‘stuff’ on their own. The really ‘big’ stuff needs a facilitator to help them which is why I also conduct one to one sessions. Sound sessions are great for them to just relax and let go…

Creative Calm Workshops

Calm Kids offers bespoke one off or regular two hours or longer sessions that include the use of Sound (e.g. instruments and voice), Movement (yoga, exercise and simple directed or freestyle dancing), Art (coloours, mandalas and free expression), Coaching using EFT and ENLP to relax and rebalance the mind, body and soul… great for Schools and Private Functions.

“Fulfill your potential and be the best you can”


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