Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis


Harmonise Your Heart – The Badass Way.


How to overcome devastation and find your liberation

Harmonise Your Heart Book

In this inspiring book, Denise Davis evokes hope, excitement and encouragement, empowering you with practical tools and strategies to truly harmonise your heart. This is the ultimate insight into how heart-led, emotionally tailored strategies led Denise back from devastation to liberation. Now, she has written this comprehensive guide to help YOU deal with your life challenges. It’s time to start your growth journey, and there’s no better way to do it than with this book.

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People are feeling lost in these uncertain times, many people have told me they feel ‘disorientated’ or ‘out of synch.’ Denise’s book will gently bring you back to balance. It is filled with techniques and ideas to realign you. Whatever stage you are right now there will be something for you to move forward in life with ease.

Anne Jirsch best selling author and international FLP Trainer.


Harmonise Your Heart the badass way is a profound exploration of self love, respect for oneself, and love for life to harmonise your heart. It offers insights, knowledge with scientific backing to assist you.  The author has offered a beautiful gift of real spiritual value and practical expertise to support you fully on your journey. Thank you Denise for letting me read your book as it inspired and motivated me to write the content for my new website.

Denise Kennedy


“From the experience of her own healing journey Denise has compiled a ‘bible’ of remedies for healing our hearts.  This is a book to keep on your shelf – a reference manual you could immerse yourself in for a major healing or dip into whenever you need a self-love boost.”

Davina Mackail, Hay House Author of Feng Shui Made Easy and The Dream Whisperer.


Thank you Denise for the privilege of reading your book.

Your book was both emotionally moving and inspiring in many ways.  What you wrote felt so true and emotive, I could relate to many issues you have experienced.   Your journey is full of truth and light, even in the darkest of times – well done.

Pamela Cullinane


A candid description of an emotional rollercoaster that opened the door to a path of self-healing. As is so often the case with those who have emerged from life’s myriad of obstacles with the gift of deeper awareness, Denise has much to share. What she offers is not only her own compelling story of self discovery but also a rich and practical compendium of some of the most modern and effective holistic practices designed to help us all ‘harmonise our hearts.’

Blue Marsden MA author of Soul Plan: reconnect with your true life purpose. 


Denise shows a great depth of knowledge in the area she has chosen to write about. This is exampled by case histories and personal experience. This is a book filled with love and hope for the reader. It gives one a thirst for greater knowledge in the subjects that are covered. Denise’s personality shines through, I felt she enjoyed writing the book – her writing flows and is organised. Denise is a fabulous, relaxing and friendly writer. Thank you for asking me to read this Denise. It was so informative and interesting. I feel privileged. Thoroughly recommended.

Barbie Brinkman


Denise has written an open and emotional story of her beautiful colourful life, an inspired authentic reflection of her journey on her lovely little bus. Throughout the book Denise has offered the reader very many opportunities to reflect upon their own life through the different stories, the searching questions she has asked and the insightful guidance both intuitive and factual she has freely given. The book is beautifully littered with ‘precious gifts’ of wisdom and learning for anyone willing to move forward with courage to revivify their inspired authentic self. I have known Denise for some years now and it has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been invited as a guest on her lovely little bus.

I wish her well as always and also the continued success and happiness that she deserves.

Simon Hodges


Denise’s book Harmonise Your Heart the badass way takes the reader on a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Through telling her life story, with all its ups and downs, Denise shares much of the wisdom she has gained along the way – both on a personal level and also through her many years of experience as a teacher, coach,  healer (wife and mother). A must-read for anyone striving to be the best possible version of his or herself.

Sian Goodspeed Flying Start Tuition.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it well written and as it’s a personal journey and the way the author has shown how she dealt with the journey and shared experiences….I felt very connected to the author as my journey was very similar…the book is “ simple “ in its approach to healing on emotional and spiritual levels ..I think anyone will find it an asset on their bookshelf and a very helpful insight into how to heal our hearts.



A very personal journey told with searing honesty, coupled with a plethora of techniques to help you overcome your own challenges in life. Select what resonates with you to help you grow.

Alison White


Harmonise Your Heart is a guide for healing the heart through a blend of holistic therapies and self reflection to create balance, peace and inner harmony. Through the sharing of the authors own open and honest personal journey, it explores the unfolding of life through the ups and downs and how we can come to a place of more peace when we learn to live from a place of authenticity and from the heart.

There is an invitation for the reader to explore and work through questions at the end of each chapter combined with lots of great tools to use in day to day life, taken from a range of holistic therapies to create balance and peace in the heart.  A handbook with all the tools to heal, soothe, tune and calm the heart where the reader can grow through thought provoking self reflection and a wonderful experiential sharing of life.

Maxine Middleton-Budd


Jump aboard the tour bus for a fascinating and information packed journey through the landscape of self-discovery. Stop off to explore the research and thinking behind each topic before trying out the various and varied exercises.   There will be plenty of ‘Ah Ha!’ and ‘Oh Yes!’ moments along the way.  I found the questions posed every now and then during the telling of the Author’s life story particularly thought provoking.

Libby Bellhouse


Together we can move forward to your empowering future!

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