Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

Well it does seem a bit strange to write a blog again after all these years.

In this time I have moved down to Dorset and now live by the Sea in Highcliffe. I am so blessed that I also live near the New Forest too. How lucky am I?

Recently on Facebook I have noticed that there appears to be two factions. One faction fully believing the government’s narrative and the other saying that not everything adds up.  This disparity of viewpoint seems to be causing a lot of anger to arise in some people. Its bit sad really because I had said that one of the upside to this challenging time is there was much more caring and compassion, with people helping each other out, finally beginning to realise that we are a global family.  Whatever our ethnicity or religion we all bleed, have financial concerns, miss our families and doing the simple things in life.

My beliefs have been disagreed with on Facebook most vehemently without any respect – it seems that we are not entitled to have our truths. Respecting freedom of speech I allow the negative comments to remain as I posted on a public platform, albeit my own personal page. Whereas I know others block, delete or unfriend. I find it interesting that others take the time out to post because when I disagree with others I just scroll on, not wasting any of my time or energy on their opinion, just respect their ‘truth’.

I am blessed that I have not felt any fear around Covid-19 but did self ‘retreat’ as requested by my daughter before the government asked us all to stay in (my age and a health issue). My tools for being in harmony have assisted me in being stress free. Of course there have been the odd wobble as living alone I longed for company, so grateful to walk with others now.

Being in isolation has afforded me more time to focus more on writing my book “Harmonise Your Heart The Badass Way”. In this I share activities and techniques that helped me during my life after divorce which of course have helped me during this time too. I am so pleased to be able to assist my clients – children and adults, manage their stressful and upsetting challenges to become an improved version of themselves. Over almost seventeen years I have given clients suggestions on how to manage their anger. One of these ideas is to plump up your pillows and imagine that they are the person or situation you’re angry with… then punch the pillows until you feel your anger is spent. Another is too journal your emotions (this is my preferred method). If you’re feeling out of sorts when you wake up then ‘brain dump’ writing everything and anything before you begin your day. Anytime of day or night whenever it suits you to offload. Journalling is cathartic and is only seen by you so can write uncensored…

On that note I shall finish up… remember to vision the world you wish to live in. I decide not to respond to negative comments and be ‘right’ but be kind instead.

Keep well and happy,

Denise x

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