Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis
Harmonise Your Heart with Denise Davis

According to Linda West (author of the book 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels) abundance is for us all if we follow her guidance. In her book she says that as we are now in the new year most of us are probably hoping this year will be better than last year. However, according to the angels, our government will continue to be in gridlock (too many egos)and unemployment will continue at its high rate. In other words if you are counting on the physical world to meet your needs you will be very disappointed.

Linda says the angels have some great news for you, even though our physical world is not going to change much you can still have love, money, joy, happiness; all the things contained in abundance! In order for you to create abundance in your life though, you have to have a new way of thinking.

To help create a new way of thinking she suggests you visualise a frequency ladder:  lower rungs equal lower frequency, higher rungs equal higher frequency.  The Angels say that most people are at the lower frequency on this ladder which has been created by confusion, fear and anxiety. The powers that be like to keep you in this turbulence because it’s easier to control you.  If you are in a mindset that tells you that you don’t “deserve,” that you’ll never get out of debt, that “nothing good happens to me,” “I am afraid”…and “When will I find a job?” then it’s a probably true that your frequency is lowered at the moment.  If you want to move up the ladder and raise your frequency then continue reading.

Linda says in order for you to move to the higher frequency where all is flowing, you must change some things. Visualisation is a great way of changing the mindset because the unconscious mind love stories and symbols so…. visualise boarding a plane that will take you high enough to get through the turbulence and fly above the clouds in the flow of all your goodness and abundance.

Before boarding the plane to rise on that frequency ladder you must start by being ready to receive. This sounds simple but most of us find it easier to give than receive. Its important to remember that what you send out is what you get back so you are giving mixed messages and altering the flow if you aren’t able to receive. Affirmations can also make a difference to how we see things so even if at first you don’t ‘feel’ they are true try to fake it until they do feel right for you.

Each morning wake up and say “I give intent to receive all my abundance”  and declare it to the Universe with joy in your heart. Having done that then it’s time to “Believe” (one of the “keys” in the book “8 Keys”) that you deserve to have abundance. It’s time to believe there is an energy much more powerful that you, that resides within you and around you that loves you and wants you to be abundant. Yes, believe it and you will rise in that plane up that frequency ladder!

Trust (another one of the “keys” in “8 Keys” ) that the power of the Universe is going to give you what you want and need. But understand that its not usually in the manner you think that it will come. So this is where the trust comes in. Even though you like to be able to know how the angels are going to do this you have to just let it go and don’t try and work out how it could happen.   The view from the Universe, the Source, the Angels is much larger than you we could understand.  And shouldn’t we really be grateful that we don’t have to figure it  allout.

Next comes a big one, ha ha, that of Detachment ( another one of the “keys” in “8 Keys”). By the way, that means letting go of wanting the outcome as well as knowing how it will come about.  Please understand the more you push, the more you try to force your will, the more you push away the abundance. You push and shove and force things to happen because you don’t believe or trust that the Universe will do it.   As soon as you detach, you rise in that plane up that frequency ladder. Linda says then your desires will be met.

Here are a few of the affirmations to help you that should be spoken from the heart with joy:

“My income increases every day!”
“I deserve the very best!”
“I love being abundant!”

I’m sure you can add many more to the above list of suggestions. I wish you well on your path to increasing your prosperity in wealth, health and happiness. I must practice what I preach and test out some of Linda’s suggestions. Remember you can overcome negative beliefs around abundance with a therapist with whom you have rapport and trust in as this will help you create the solid foundation. EFT and Energetic NLP are great ways to overcome blocks and once taught can be used by yourself anywhere at anytime.

Bright Blessings to you all!

Dee xx

Coaching Therapist & Healer


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